Act Against AIDS Campaign

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I am choosing to write about the Act Against AIDS campaign. Act Against AIDS is a five year 45 million dollar communications campaign that was launched in 2009 and designed to refocus national attention on the HIV crisis in America. Act Against AIDS raises awareness about HIV and its impact on the lives of all Americans, and fights stigma by showing that persons with HIV are real people. They also feature highly specified campaigns that target high risk groups. These campaigns include Greater Then AIDS, Testing Makes Us Stronger, Lets Stop HIV Together and Take Charge. Take The Test. These are great campaigns because they use a mix of logical messages and emotional appeal to get people educated about the HIV problem in our country and do a great job of encouraging social support among people. Personalizing the stories are meant to motivate people to get tested and reduce the number of people unknowingly spreading the disease. Act Against AIDS features multiple communication campaigns designed to serve specific at-risk populations. Each targeted campaign has its own unique objectives that are tailored to their specific audiences. For example, Take Charge. Take The Test specifically targets African American women because HIV infections are 15 times higher then that of white women. (CDC, 2013) The campaign uses an effective mix of channels and strategies to deliver HIV prevention messages that are "compelling, credible, and relevant." The campaigns contain basic education and awareness needs for both health care providers and populations, who are at high risk of contracting HIV. The campaign uses both traditional media tools, such as radio and transit ads as well as newer social marketing tools such as twitter to spread... ... middle of paper ... ...e honest with their partners about their HIV status. I think they would benefit from using stories about people who have HIV who have been able to protect the people that they love from contracting the virus. Although some of the stigmas associated with HIV have been reduced people are still very fearful of what an HIV positive status will do to their relationships. Eliminating this fear is an extremely important obstacle that people have to overcome in order for things to get better. Works Cited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (2012). Refocusing national attention on the hiv crisis in the united states. Retrieved from website: (2009, April 07). Using new media to act against aids. Retrieved from
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