History and Future of Military Drones Essays

History and Future of Military Drones Essays

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What is the future of the military? Many people would argue that drones are the future. Drones have a long history of development tracing back to the America’s Civil War. A large issue that drones had during this time was that they were highly ineffective, this continued until the war in Afghanistan ware started. During the Afghanistan war, the production of the Predator Drone was commissioned. This has been the military’s most successful military asset because of its many different application that the Predator drone has. This has lead to many companies to fund the Drone Program. With the funding for the drone program being available, many innovations have occurred in a short amount of time compared to previous year. This has allowed for the concept of “unmanned and uncontrolled”. Drones have a long history, which dates as far back to the Civil War and continues to the present day with the Predator Drone. However, with all of this success what does the future of drones have in store? Drones earliest history dates back to the Civil Era. During this time both Confederate and Union Soldiers used drones to attack the opposition’s military ammunitions holdings. The Drone consisted of balloons that were filled with explosive. The hope was that this drone would float to the oppositions ammunitions supply area and explode all of their ammunition. This was highly ineffective due to the balloons being susceptible to the winds of nature; because of its ineffectiveness, the idea was discontinued. Controlled drones would not surface unti...

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...ght hours in combat since 1995 to present day. This leads us to the future where science fiction can become reality by the production of a synthetic brain, such as the X-47B. This just begs the question of what tomorrow has in store for the future of drones.

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