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Drones are also called unmanned aerial vehicles. They come in various sizes for many purposes of uses. Drones are known by different names such as “Killer Drone” or “Spy” or “Surveillance Drone” as they are mostly use to decimate enemy and harm civilians, which is why drones received negative feedback from the public. Not all people use drones in warfare, they also use them as a hobby to film and entertain. Despite drones have negative sides, they also have positive sides as well. In the United States, people worried that drones would be used near their home because they equip with a camera and that make people feel restless or uncomfortable when a drone nearby. A lot of people don’t realize that drones flying around neighbor are not much,…show more content…
They build their own drones purely for entertainment. They used them to make a video or compete in a sport called drone racing. Drone racing is a new high-speed competitive sport. Thus having drones ban would result in people to stripped off their hobby. That mean the entire toy category would be wipe out in the market and that could affect the United States’s economy. The conclusion is to make the rules more strict and allow a certain area that allows the use of drones. Drones are getting ban not only prevent the decline of United States power and also stop the transformation in the technology of the United States. Drones create the newest job as well as an opportunity for people. This allows people to have many choices for jobs. For those who study engineering as drones will be more advanced in the future would have an easier time to get the job because they are new and so they need people. There are many jobs about drones that offer quite a sum of money. For example, drone pilots starting salary about fifty dollars an hour and there is no danger at all. Many others people opposed against drones because of what they saw on the news. Drones may have engraved to people mind that they are bloody weapons used to kill people which make people see drones in a different light. That is why people all around the world opposed the use of drones. There is some large model that frighten people because they look like aircraft and nobody know what would they do as they fly over our houses. Unfortunately, there is always an exception for those few people who ignore common sense and do dangerous things like lit the drone on fire and see how long it would fly. However, this cannot apply to anyone because generally people drives them extremely carefully. Drones are lives-saving tool which replaces a person and people still complaining about how dangerous drones could get. There is no bad drone only bad people use a drone for bad

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