Essay on Historical Image Of Nursing Profession

Essay on Historical Image Of Nursing Profession

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Nurse profession is one of the most prestige’s occupations. Nursing has been growing and advancing into a diversity of roles with in the profession (i.e. staff nurse, nurse practitioner, doctorate nursing). However, society is blind to how important nurses profession is. With the influence of media, society has a misconstrued perception of that it takes to be a nurse. There are many stereotypes that is now deeply embedded in nursing since the creation of nursing itself.
Historical Image of Nursing
Since the beginning of nursing, nurses were always portrayed as assistance and backstage players in the health care field. Nursing is actually considered one of the oldest professions. They were initially known as wet nurses where women would assist in nursing infants who’ mothers have passed or mothers who cannot produce milk (Weatherford, n.d. para 1). Nurses were not looked at as a respected profession until the age of civil war. It was the civil war in the United States that really shed light of the image of a nurse. Nurses at the time were women were viewed as maternal heroin attending to wounded soldiers (Price & Mcgillis, 2013, para 6). It was the civil war and nurses that help structure what hospitals are today. Women like Phoebe Levy Pamper who converted her mansion in the south to a hospital that attended thousands of sick soldiers back to health with her being the only sole “nurse” (Weatherford, n.d, para. 3&6). The outcome of civil war led a growing respect for nurses that was not seen prior. For the first time doctors were not viewed as the sole caretaker of the sick, nurses were now acknowledged as a licensed and respected profession. For the first time civil war nurses were actually provided pensions that was passed by...

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...ion of nursing. The social media post about nursing can go viral in a negative way, which can damage the nursing profession.
The image of nursing profession has evolved from a less respected, task orient, subservient role like in the wars of the 19th century, to a highly skilled expertise, and knowledgeable nursing profession of the 21st century. Nurses that were once an invisible self-sacrificing profession needs to bloom and evolve into a noticeable and confident profession equivalent to other roles in healthcare (i.e doctors). Nurses need to collectively be proactive in showing the public that with out nurses the healthcare world would not of been as great at it is today. Nurses in one’s opinion are the heart of healthcare, through the knowledge, passion, and skill of a nurse contributes the drive the healthcare role to advance.

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