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High Tech Engineering ( Hte ) Essay

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High Tech Engineering (HTE) is a small family owned company that fifty years old and manufactures small components for the aircraft industry. The founder and president found his successor Harold Barelli who envisioned that the company could become renowned through improving its technology and implementing advanced management approaches within the organization. He went on a campaign to make the employees aware of his vision and plastered it everywhere around the company. Over three years he began to implement several major changes in an effort to make progress toward his vision, but it had the opposite effect. An environment of instability was created around the organization because these changes were crafted by Harold and a “select few of his senior managers” therefore causing the perception that his vision came from the top down. This led to confusion due to an imbalance of responsibilities and employee engagement. The situation was worsened by the employee’s perception of Harold who appeared as a hypocrite who said one thing while doing the opposite. This led to lower worker morale and productivity and led to the company failing due to unethical employee behavior.
1. If you were consulting with the HTE board of directors soon after Harold started making changes, what would you advise them regarding Harold’s leadership from a transformational perspective?
As a consultant, for the HTE board of directors, I would appreciate the vision Harold has provided for the organization but would question how it would be implemented and if it was the right vision for the company. Every leader would come into a situation with their own perception of how things should be done, but it is important to understand the company first and build of...

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...lize what actually makes a company great and assess where the company currently stands. Making major changes were not his flaw, but his lack of including people in the process was his blunder. In organizational behavior, focus groups are a method of making decisions therefore there were better strategies for devising and implementing processes that effectively worked toward his vision and maintained the integrity of the entire organization. I specifically mention this tactic because according to Nahavandi, Denhardt, and Denhardt (2014), it provides input from across the organization which allows managers to make better decisions that could change the company. This would provide employees with empowerment even if it is at the expense of efficiency. Consider the opportunity cost that was incurred because Harold did not consider more than a select few senior managers.

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