High School Graduates Are Not Adequately Prepared For Life Beyond High Schools

High School Graduates Are Not Adequately Prepared For Life Beyond High Schools

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Study after study has indicated that a majority of high school graduates are not adequately prepared for life beyond high school (Barnes, Slate, & Rojas-LeBouef, 2010; Berliner, 2006). Research speculates that this is because the current overall educational system that is generally based on a one teacher, one textbook, and one pathway to success . This contributing to the lack of preparedness among high school graduates (Miliband, 2006; Ravitch, 2010).
One idea on how to tackle the lack of preparedness among high school graduates is by using personalized learning. Personalized learning is the opposite of the “one-size-fits-all model”. It directly focuses on the needs of the individual. While there are a number of definitions offered for personalized learning, the U.S. Department of Education defines personalized learning as “ Instruction that is paced to learning needs, tailored to learning preferences, and tailored to the specific interests of different learners. Dr. Rickabaugh, a leader in the field of education, states that in an environment that is fully personalized, the learning objectives and content as well as the method and pace may all vary (so that personalization encompasses differentiation and individualization).Personalized learning seeks to support student-centered, 21st century skills and learning and has become a recent trend in education. Research suggests that that student achievement is likely to increase when students are able to learn at their own pace, and through a variety of teaching styles and formats that suit their learning styles. By personalizing students’ education it allows students to learn based upon their individual needs, rather than receiving instruction through a standard, paced curriculum. ...

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...olution to replace the current one-size-fits-all model. The difference between the current one-size-fits-all model and the personalized learning model is vast. The “differences between the two models do not represent minor changes but more of a transformative systems restructure” (Wolf, 2010, p.8). Personalized learning has an extended reach, as the system considers the many ways to change as well as improve generally every aspect of the current educational model (Hanover, 2012).

LouAnne Johnson, author of Teaching Outside the box, sees personalization of learning a different way, suggesting that personalization is as simple as adding a note to the top of a worksheet with a personal message. Regardless of how a teacher chooses to personalize a student’s learning, all authors agree that education should be focused on the individual student and what is best for them.

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