The High School Curriculum Is Not An Effective Way Of Teaching Adolescents

The High School Curriculum Is Not An Effective Way Of Teaching Adolescents

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Compared to developed countries around the world, America is at a disadvantage when it comes to High School education. Although elementary and middle school scores are on average with the rest of the world, United States high school scores are in the lower percentile. How is it that high schools in the United States score below other countries compared to South Korea, Finland, and Germany? The current high school curriculum is not an effective way of teaching adolescents in the U.S.
Curriculum in America is similar to the curriculum of Japan, and Korea; however, it is not an effective way of learning for U.S. high school students. U.S. students do not face the same cultural pressure that students would face in certain Asian countries; ultimately making students more disinterested in the subject and viewing school work, projects, and tests like a job. When a person is not interested in their school or work they find ways to beat the system with cheating and half assing through their work. Another problem associated with the dreary and dull curriculum is a pressure from media, parents, and family members, whether indirectly or directly, to achieve cum laude honors for a successful life. This pressure may stem an additional urge to cheat on homework, projects, and tests because they value their GPA more than their ability to learning the subject.
I believe that the current curriculum of classes in High school are not an effective way of teaching adolescents in the United States because the education system does not focus on making the curriculum interesting to learn for the students, rather they focus on how well they can do on assignments, and tests to show how smart students are. GPA has also plagued the American soci...

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...current high school curriculum is not an effective way of teaching adolescents in the U.S. We have a similar teaching system as Korea, China, and Japan, however we have very different cultural preferences. The current GPA oriented curriculum is effective for certain countries, but not for the U.S. The U.S. needs to accept the unbeneficial costs that our current high school curriculum has on student’s ability to learn. The three solutions of, reducing the power GPA holds in our curriculum, evolving the current curriculum to be more expansive and in-depth, and increasing the interests of students in classroom curriculum to see a growth in graduates, are changes that will greatly improve education for future generations. As a society we are to build a better today for a prosperous future. Education is the vital key to us creating a better quality of life for the future.

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