Health Implications Of Health And Health Essay

Health Implications Of Health And Health Essay

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Our bodies are not simply a matter of biology when it comes to health problems. Health behaviors can come from a vast amount of sources. Our diet, hazardous habits, such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, physical activity that results in injury, and genetic hereditary concerns are factors we are used to acknowledging as the cause for our health decline. Biology is not the only factor that creates health issues in our bodies. It is intertwined with social and economic situations in complex ways that build upon each other to contribute to health issues as well. It is known as the health inequalities because it is not only measured by biological factors that affect a healthy environment, but also measures unequal accessibility to important factors, socially and economically. Because of health inequalities, our physical condition is affected by social and economic situations that also shape the way we perceive and categorize it.
People are built to interact with society in a positive environment to help our daily wellness. When we socially interact and find a way to fit into a social cluster, our bodies can be more content and result in a healthier state, both mentally and physically. Social determinants can affect and shape the way our behavior influences our attitude and how our bodies react. They reflect the social conditions of the environment in which people live and network. One factor that affects a person’s health through social determinants is being exposed to a “rough” neighborhood and poor living conditions. Violence and crime causes stress for a person and weighs heavily on deciding to simply take a walk around the block or enjoy a brisk, cool night out on the porch. The worst-case scenario in that situation wou...

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...fect the socioeconomic status and deteriorate the health condition. Being on a different socioeconomic level comes from the lack of accessibility to affordable medical care and proper nutrition. Going back to the previous example, low-income families also lack resources for affordable nutritious food, working conditions that are standard for undocumented and uneducated individuals, resulting in low pay and no medical benefits. These factors create a negative reaction and can bring on consequences that damage the health condition. The consequences result in high blood pressure from stress and invulnerability to the immune and circulatory system. "Poor social and economic circumstances affect health throughout life. People further down the social ladder usually run at least twice the risk of serious illness and premature death as those near the top" (Wilkinson, 2003).

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