Essay on The Health Care Field For An Orthopedic Center

Essay on The Health Care Field For An Orthopedic Center

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Since I have been in the health care field for over nine years as a Radiographic technologist in an orthopedic center. I have seen many older patients receiving poor quality of care after surgery, especially from a nursing home. One incident that still plays in my mind till this day is a patient that has been seeing our doctor Mr. Gonzalez for years for chronic back pain. Mrs. Brown was a single but very social and active 62 year old women, until one day walking her dog, she slipped, fell and broke her hip. Luckily for Mrs. Brown that day doctor Gonzalez was on call that day and performed emergency surgery on her hip, because Mrs. Brown had hip replacement surgery she was admitted to a nearby skilled nursing facility to recover and receive rehab. A few weeks later after surgery Mrs. Brown was due for her postoperative appointment and no showed. After two weeks of her miss appointment Mrs. Brown showed up for her postoperative appointment, when Mrs. Brown entered my x-ray room she seemed very out of it and smelled like urine and feces.
When I put Mrs. Brown onto the x-ray table, I noticed her bandages around the hip area was fill with blood and that Mrs. Brown was uncooperative. Since I was concern with Mrs. Brown condition I asked Mrs. Brown nurse’s aide who has been taking care of Mrs. Brown wounds and soars. The nurse’s aide responded “I’m not sure we have been short staff for the last couple of weeks that is why we missed the last appointment, I’m just here to help with Mrs. Brown postoperative appointment.” I felt it was necessary to notify my physician before taking an x-rays of Mrs. Brown. When the doctor entered my x-ray room and examined Mrs. Brown he was outraged that Mrs. Brown was in such bad condition and demanded...

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...that occur in an organization.”
The reason’s model also helps managers complement safer practices for their clinical and technical counterparts that help safeguard the multiple levels of the organization in which errors occur. Socioecological framework would have help managers in Mrs. Brown case better recognize the complexity of Mrs. Brown environment. Applying this model would help management promote health and wellness training for staff and patients on how to properly take care of wounds once discharge from care. According to Kelly, (2011) “socioecological framework help managers address health outcomes to individuals and their community, by collaborating with care teams and other organizations to promote quality of care to patients (pp.48-62).” Applying each model would have definitely helped in Mrs. Brown case which would have prevented infection and surgery.

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