Aging Population Impact On The Health System

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3. How will Australia’s growing aging population impact on the health system? Australia’s aging population is mainly the result of a boom in fertility rates during the post WWII period, also with an increase in life expectancy rates present at birth. However, as our aged population grows so does the number of higher risks for certain illnesses and diseases. In Australia, there are an increased percentage of aged people who are living with chronic illnesses and disabilities, which raises the demands for specific health care services, impacting on our health care system. With the high demands for the health-care services, there is a lack in financial resources in order to provide for these services, along with shortages within the workforce.…show more content…
Healthy ageing impacts on the health system as more and more aged people are more likely to be active and healthy nowadays with an improved quality of life through various attributes such as physical and mental stimulation, along with the adoption of good behaviours, such as a healthy/balanced diet, exercise, regular health checks and having hobbies, which each help to improve their quality of life. Ultimately, healthy ageing impacts on the health-care system through adopted behaviours and values chosen – As more aged people are interacting regularly within social groups, sporting groups and many others, they are able to freely interact with others, along with participating within certain activities, which help to physically and mentally stimulate them. Through these actions, it reduces the risk of illness and disease, working to improve the physical and mental health of the aged as they move through the ageing process. It is impacting on the health system due to the fact that, as the aged become more competent, they are less likely to access certain services and facilities due to their physical and mental state. There will be fewer cases of certain illnesses and diseases amongst the aged population if individuals are more productive in their lives. If the aged are more independent,…show more content…
However, with these high demands, there are a number of workforce shortages across the health-care system. Our ageing population is already placing a large strain on the health system and its services through to their consent use and access. There has been more of an inclusion in specialised health services such as GPs, specialists, primary health services (at home nursing, hospitals, ambulance) and basic accommodation and living environments for those who require it. Through implementing these strategies, although it may be helping, it is also causing quite a significant plunge within positions in the workforce. This further places a strain on the health system, as there aren’t enough people to perform these duties. Having the aged more dependent on these workers, it is something that the government and education programs should look to in order to meet these demands for workforce shortages, ensuring that there are enough qualified personnel within aged health-care. The Australian Government has put in place certain systems and strategies, which help to provide care and support for the aged. Some of which may include the National Strategy for an Ageing Australia. The system focuses solely on addressing the disadvantages faced by the group. It looks into income

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