Essay on Hand Shake Styles and Importance

Essay on Hand Shake Styles and Importance

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Have you ever had a really awkward handshake where you just did not get a good grip on their hand? A hand shake can tell you a lot about a person by their approach and how they handle the hand shake. Whether it’s just a causal handshake with someone you know or if it’s with the manager that is about to interview you, your handshake can make quite an impression. Some say a handshake is just an empty politeness and others say it is an essential action that helps each person learn more about one another. In my English class here at Appalachian State University, we were sent out to observe the way students here greeted one another. Rarely did I ever see students shake hands with one another. Only one instance in all of the data I recorded did I see a hand shake take place. There are many characteristics that a hand shake shows you and it is an important action to help you make a good impression.
Not many people of the college student age or younger shake hands anymore. It has become a foreign form of communication and is usually only associated with more professional confrontations. “Few people have any idea how they come across to others in initial meetings, despite the fact that most of us are aware that the first few minutes of that meeting can make or break a relationship”(Pease 64). In the data I recorded, the two people who greeted each other were to males and they seemed like good friends. They were definitely southern country gentlemen from the way they talked. They both smile and shook hands with one asking the other, “Hey man, what do ya know good?” with the other gladly replying, “Not much, you?” Such a simple way of greeting one another and it made both of them aware that they were glad to see each other. Instead of a fri...

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...ndshake should be used in larger crowds to make sure that you are just trying to come off friendly. “Remember that the handshake evolved as a gesture to say hello or goodbye or to seal an agreement so it always needs to be warm, friendly and positive” (Pease, 46). This is the kind of handshake I observed when I was collecting my data. They were both friends I assume from the way that they were speaking to one another and they shook hands to be warm, friendly and positive.
The way we greet people is more important than we may think. Even though it is not a very popular form amongst younger people now days, it can be useful seeing what kind of impression you will receive. In the business world, your first impression is extremely important. The hand shake is not just an empty politeness but it is a tool to get business done as well as knowing the other person better.

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