Essay about Gun Ownership And Gun Control

Essay about Gun Ownership And Gun Control

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Violent crimes and particularly homicides committed with the use of firearms in the U.S. is an emotionally charged issue that has defied a solution for decades. The central argument is that decreased gun ownership reduces gun related violence which is counter to the interest of Second Amendment defenders and firearm sporting advocates. The prevailing question is will more restrictive gun control laws reduce gun violence or is there an alternative action that will succeed? This research will confirm that no correlation exist between gun control laws and gun violence rates and that an alternative community focused program is more effective in reducing gun violence.
The question of restricting gun ownership stems from a worthy desire to reduce the number of violent deaths occurring through the use of firearms. The controversy surrounding gun ownership is a product of the different sides to this issue ranging from geographic region, cultural, and even political dividing lines. The intensity of this issue to parties on all sides causes it to be an emotionally charged and multifaceted. Therefore, the problem central to this research is to determine an effective means to effectively reduce the occurrence of U.S. gun violence. The objectives of this research are to examine the factors surrounding gun violence reduction measures and to determine which measures are effective in reducing gun violence. The scope of this research is limited to an examination of gun related homicides, gun control laws, alternative violence reduction methods, and gun ownership data.
A common assertion in any gun violence discussion is that an increased number of firearms in the U.S. has led to an increase in gun violence. It is true that the number of guns per p...

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...d an average 8% increase in violent crimes. This study indicated a difference of up to 20% in cities with the most effective PSN implementation. Just as the PSN measures and quantities varied between cities, the results were not uniform, however, all PSN communities achieved marked improvements.
Successful deterrence and reduction of gun violence acts requires a multifaceted solution that directly addresses the complex problem. Although promoting gun control laws is relatively easy and appeals to those seeking immediate action following dramatic events, there is no evidence that these measures work. The consequence of pursuing ineffective solutions to the gun violence problem are wasted resources and continued suffering. In contrast, aggressive implementation of the comprehensive measures found in programs like PSN has been proven undeniably more effective over time

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