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The problem of gun control laws, their correlation with the Second Amendment, and the federal laws and policies for reduction of gun violence is widely discussed in many theoretical sources and scientific research literature. For example, Phillip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig (2000) speak about gun violence in the everyday life of America. They put forward the facts about the crime and mass massacre connected with gun ownership and inappropriate use. They consider political, social, and economic reasons for gun ownership control by analyzing the psychological and moral influences of gun violence victimization and the main trends of overcoming it. The authors also make an outline on the major measures that should be taken to reduce gun violence (Cook & Ludwig, 2000). M. Doeden (2011) analyzes the gun control debate in contemporary society and points out the importance of building up a culture of gun use, which should be based on the historical and cultural background that is a characteristic of the United States. The author also follows the history of the Second Amendment and speculates about the possibilities of its contemporary interpretation. He also speaks about the history of the gun control movement and legislation, and explains why it is so important to renew such legislation and have it correspond to the developing realities (Doeden, 2011). Larry Gerber (2011) also speaks about the history of the Second Amendment and analyzes the common laws, customs, and traditions of gun use in America. The author makes some comments on the famous phrase from the Second Amendment, which speaks about the right “to keep and bear arms,” and gives its modern interpretations (Gerber, 2011). Gary Kleck (2005) argues that the most common reasons for ... ... middle of paper ... the historical and cultural perspective is thoroughly examined by P. Squires (2000). The author also points out the importance of different political influences on this controversial problem (Squires, 2000). In their turn, J. M. Bruce and C. Wilcox (1998) provide the complete analysis of the types of legislation referred to gun control and their differences across the states. They refer these differences to the cultural, demographic, and social peculiarities of each state (Bruce & Wilcox, 1998). In short, all the authors do not see the problem of gun rights and control in the Second Amendment itself, but in its interpretations by different political groups struggling for influences on the citizenry. Moreover, these groups are likely to use the demographic, historical, and cultural divergences among the states to implement these influences to their full extent.

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