Essay on Grey's Anatomy and Notions of Truth

Essay on Grey's Anatomy and Notions of Truth

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The notion of truth is explored in everyday life as well as constructed through theoretical situations such as television dramas. Through the exploration of the representation of certain topics concerned with psychology the notion of truth can be explored ultimately answering the question “How is the notion of truth portrayed?”. Although “Grey’s Anatomy” is known for its scandals, and medical plot, there is also a fair amount of psychology involved in the characterization, and in the cases in which the doctors are involved.
Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that encompasses the professional and personal lives of interns and residents as they strive to become surgeons. The beginning of the series focuses on one intern, Meredith Grey, who is taking part in the residency program at Seattle Grace Hospital. Throughout the seasons the backgrounds, and aspirations of the characters are explored, while following their present day lives. The series is based off of the doctors everyday lives, but concerns itself mostly with their personal lives, using their professional lives as a backdrop to character development. The medical cases aid the plot of the series most often by the patients saying things that relate back to the dilemmas the characters are going through. This along with the relationships between colleagues connects work to personal life, often mixing professional and private relationships into one.
The development of psychology like all other sciences started with great minds debating unknown topics and searching for unknown answers. Early philosophers and psychologists such as Sir Francis Bacon and Charles Darwin took a scientific approach to psychology by introducing the ideas of measurement and biology into the way an indi...

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