American Hustle, Snapshot of Today

Every film can be related back to socially significant issues that occurred during the time it was released. It’s a snapshot of the issues during that time period. Film is not created in a vacuum. As described in our textbook, film “Conveys “the temper of an age of a nation” as well as that of the artists who produces it” (Belton 22). Films tend to reflect current society, country ideals or beliefs in order for the audience to relate. Some of those techniques used include, the American dream, family, corruption, divorce, and crime. If a director decides not include current social issues than it becomes harder for an audience to relate to the film because they will not be able to connect to the characters and get into their shoes. One film that encompasses all of these current social issues is American Hustle (David O. Russell, 2013). This film is a melodrama because of the context and social issues this film deals with. American Hustle has a social significance to today’s current culture, society, beliefs and social issues through the use of the American dream, corruption, divorce, crime and family. One of the most important things that Americans hold true to is their beliefs. These are the things that we stick to our guns when we are challenged by others, and they show up in American Hustle. The American dream comes to light in the movie and plays a major role in the story line. The film takes us through the story of a mayor named Carmine Polito. The film describes his father emigrated from Italy and nothing with him, and made something out of him. His son Carmine, made something out of himself by working hard to become a powerful person and a man of wealth. Another American belief that becomes evident in the film is family. As A... ... middle of paper ... ... to have one throughout the movie. A social issue that shows up in the film is corruption. Both in the film and now society is always dealing with corruption. Current culture is also reflected in the film through divorce and crime. Divorce has been a common trend currently and in the movie. Crime can be seen across all spectrums of generations. Scholars would view us as a society with some negative thoughts mainly due to crime, corruption, and divorce, but would view our value of family and of the American dream as a good side of our current society. Without the film American Hustle current society would not be reflected accurately. Works Cited Belton, John. American Cinema/American Culture. Fourth ed. New York: McGrawHill, 2009. Print. Russell, David O., dir. American Hustle. Writ. Eric W. Singer and David O. Russell. Columbia Pictures, 2013. Web. 2 Apr.2014.

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