The Green Party Of Canada Essay

The Green Party Of Canada Essay

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Situation Analysis

Corporate Issue
The Green Party of Canada (GPC) was founded in 1983 in Ottawa. The party believes that all life on the planet is interconnected, and that all humans have the responsibility to protect and preserve the natural world. The GPC, like its provincial counterparts, supports green economics, progressive social planning, and responsible and accountable governance. However, Canadians don’t see the party as an accountable voice of power. For this reason, the GPC isn’t one of the three major leading federal parties. The GPC is the fourth federal political party to run candidates in 308 ridings across the country. Though Canadians tend to see the GPC as a single-issue party, its platform is based on more than just its basic premise. The Green Party of Canada’s policies and values are based on six fundamental principles: non-violence, sustainability, social justice, ecological wisdom, participatory democracy, and respect for diversity. It has a full slate of federal issues, yet, election after election, it is excluded from the televised leaders’ debate. The party’s platform revolves around building A Canada That Works. Together, building a sustainable economy, building strong communities, creating a good government, and bold climate action. A good government is one that uses prudent planning and rational evidence-based decision-making in the public interest. This is what the Green Party of Canada is fighting for, yet no one sees the party as a reasonable voice of change. These issues hinder the reputation of the GPC, the growth of the organization, the success of the party, but most importantly, they hinder the well-being of Canadians nationwide.

Communications Issue
Over the past 10 years, Canadians have l...

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...s. The Green Party of Canada sees young Canadians as the future of Canada. For this reason, its communications efforts should directly relate to this demographic. The GPC must build their platform around issues the new generation of voters are currently experiencing.

Public Perception
The Green Party of Canada view themselves as strong defenders of democracy, of economic policies that make sense, of fairness and openness, of justice and equity. Though, many view the Green Party as a single-issue party – the environmental issues. The GPC is only securing an average of 4 per cent of the popular vote. This means that Canadians aren’t aware of their full capabilities and their platform. Canadians do not see the Green Party as a valuable voice of change or power. In the future, the GPC must work to be seen and heard. It must spend valuable time working to be a leader.

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