Green Design And Its Effect On The Environment Essay

Green Design And Its Effect On The Environment Essay

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Earth is facing a huge issue today which is called pollution which continues to an increase in pollution by the day. Green design is one way to help reduce this issue. Putting green design to use can be more expensive and hard to obtain compared to buying and using products that are made of virgin materials. Failure to do so will exhaust our resources and that we could lose the ability to making good products or materials. Can be more costly, the idea of green design is very beneficial to the planet in one of many ways because it can improve in the environment, economic, and social lifestyle.
Throughout the world pollution is happening all the time due to the society managing to keep on living and improving. According to the most prominent US organization in the green design space, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), has stated that they “pursue robust triple bottom line solutions that clarify and strengthen a healthy and dynamic balance between environmental, social and economic prosperity”. To prevent or reduce the amount of air pollution what is right now green design can benefit in the environment. One technique is the use of solar power implemented onto the buildings, the use of solar power is very beneficial because its clean renewable energy that does not produce carbon dioxide. Can reduce the use of natural gas and fossil fuel which are the traditional source of electricity
Green design has an economical effect too when put to use, as you can have savings in energy and water, increase property values and also create job. A new market for green roofs and services could create jobs for many people. Green Roofs For Healthy Cities makes a correct observation that states that the demand for green roof1 installat...

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... is the low indoor quality, even though they 're eco-friendly the buildings are over sealed which can create a indoor pollution, that can lead to respiratory problems. Indoor air pollution is a very real and dangerous thing because indoor air is far more concentrated with pollutants than outdoor air. It 's estimated that 2.2 million deaths each year are due to indoor air pollution (compared to 500,000 deaths from outdoor air pollution)(Friedl).
Given these points green design is very beneficial in many ways as in the economic, environmental, and social advantages. Also can have disadvantages towards the health, the rarity of materials and e85 having an opposite of affect towards the environment. . Can be more costly, the idea of green design is very beneficial to the planet in one of many ways because it can improve in the environment, economic, and social lifestyle.

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