Great Pacifist Heroes in our History: Ghandi, Luther King Jr., Mandela Essay

Great Pacifist Heroes in our History: Ghandi, Luther King Jr., Mandela Essay

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Pacifists believe that war and violence of any kind should be unacceptable and that this nation should never be at war. They believe that negotiation and compromise as a way to achieve peace and harmony is a better way to solve conflicts rather than violence. People who are not committed to pacifism sometimes think that the best way to solve a failure of foreign policy is to go war. At times, military intervention is necessary, especially when the target is a person or a nation that threatens the welfare and livelihood of millions of people. It’s also understandable if military action is in self-defense of an imminent threat of our nation. But when you tackle the issue of pacifism as a whole, it is very difficult to decide whether it is strictly a positive or negative thing.
On the one hand, war is a terrible thing that can happen in this nation, but pacifists will tell you that it isn’t worth the death of innocent lives. “Pacifists hold that war is wrong because killing is wrong.” This is understandable. War and violence should not be an excuse for conflicts. Negotiating problems could be more helpful than violence and war. Negotiating would be more effective than war because it will help prevent the situation from getting worse and will help find a solution to the problem or issue. Talking to the enemy would shock them, since they would be expecting for us to fight back. Instead of returning with ruthless violence they have towards us, this nation should maintain its superior position and meet them with acts of kindness and gentle words “Negotiation, mediation, diplomacy—these would be the means of settling international disputes, not the sacrifice of human lives."
There is no denying that war is induced by anger or acts of viol...

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...e, by declining to talk in those sweeping terms because it feels too "pie-in-the-sky". There will always be wars, no matter what, especially overseas. Segue into talking about why it’s important to protect overseas countries… “When nations send their military forces into other nations' territory, it is rarely (if ever) for "humanitarian" purposes.” People believe that our nation is a world leader, and we should help other countries as well as protect ourselves by doing so. It is important for the U.S. to send troops into another nations war only when there is a serious threat to their safety and wellbeing of its people. Fighting alongside other countries forces will save thousands by presenting them with equipment and military assistance. Our country works with others to give its citizens an understanding that working together can bring lasting peace between them.

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