Rhetorical Analysis Of Is American Nonviolence Possible

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Rhetorical Analysis of “Is American Nonviolence Possible?” ¬¬¬Though most American people claim to seek peace, the United States remains entwined with both love and hate for violence. Regardless of background or personal beliefs, the vast majority of Americans enjoy at least one activity that promotes violence whether it be professional fighting or simply playing gory video games. Everything is all well and good until this obsession with violence causes increased frequency of real world crimes. In the article, “Is American Nonviolence Possible” Todd May proposes a less standard, more ethical, fix to the problem at hand. The majority of the arguments brought up make an appeal to the pathos of the reader with a very philosophical overall tone. In the beginning of his article, Todd May opens up by speaking about the recent Boston Marathon bombing and other shootings, effectively playing of the Kairos available to him. The immediate emotional involvement requested from…show more content…
This may alienate those who do not become emotionally involved and are in search of a physical way to decrease shootings and bombings. An optimistic plan to salvage America’s morality by working through one person at a time is well-meant but not the meaty plan of action many may desire.
Though not necessarily a full, well-rounded package appealing to everyone and anyone, May’s article does resonate well with the readers that are inclined to pathos and allow themselves to become emotionally invested. This is due to May’s strong belief in nonviolence, which is most likely the very reason this article was written. As a philosopher, May is able to offer what some may consider to be a one-sided fix to a multidimensional problem. Unfortunately, not everyone is inclined to listen to their emotions or has strong, well-grounded

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