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Many do not consider where images they see daily come from. A person can see thousands of different designs in their daily lives; these designs vary on where they are placed. A design on a shirt, an image on a billboard, or even the cover of a magazine all share something in common with one another. These items all had once been on the computer screen or on a piece of paper, designed by an artist known as a graphic designer. Graphic design is a steadily growing occupation in this day as the media has a need for original and creative designs on things like packaging or the covers of magazines. This occupation has grown over the years but still shares the basic components it once started with. Despite these tremendous amounts of growth, graphic design is still in its infant years as an occupation. Graphic design is at the peak of its life, but it has not always been as easy or as quickly as it is now. Before computers, a designer would paste pictures, write words, and create his or her design on big boards called mechanicals. Mechanicals were used by all up until the point of personal computers. Once personal computers had become available, designers could use digital fonts, pictures, and software to create more ingenious designs and to print their work with more ease than doing it by hand.The mid-1980s was the time that personal computers became more readily available and revolutionized graphic design. Personal computers began the technology term known as “what you see is what you get” or WYSIWYG. This allowed computers to display the content on a screen that more closely resembled what would be printed. WYSIWYG technology enabled designers to prepare printer-ready documents with far more ease than what was previously... ... middle of paper ... ...h money as Scher, Weiss has enjoyed sixteen years in a field that allows her to make her own schedule and follow her passion of creating art. Weiss worked with Honest Entertainment in New York, however, she did venture off and began her own business in 2006 named Butterpop Studio (Weiss). Graphic design is a very heavily artistic occupation that requires a lot of patience and a keen eye for design. A designer must prepare themselves for long hours and have the ability to manage their time with ease. As in many other occupations, knowing the right people can also help a designer get an edge with competition. Designers may also need knowledge of other occupations, such as desktop printing, to remain a possible employee; also, though college is not completely necessary, it is very beneficial to the designer to continue learning on the knowledge they already have.

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