The Secret to Being a Graphic Designer

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Graphic designers are the people who make logos and pictures for companies. For example, some graphic designers might make the picture for a restaurant logo. If a picture is made badly, and doesn't attract you to it, that company is probably not going to get a lot of negative effects on their company. Graphic designers should be good with computers and art. Many graphic designers develop things for advertising related things, and they need to create things that really stand out. Most graphic designers get employed in special designing services. A graphic designer should show their creativity and how original they are. Graphic designers create or design graphics to meet specific needs. They may use a variety of things to achieve their goals (“Graphic Designer.” What’s para.1). People in graphic design use computer software to create visual concepts that really stand out. They also develop the layouts, and designs for advertising related things (“Graphic Designers.” U.S. para.1). Graphic designers mix art and technology to have ideas and images that communicate on websites and pages c and that are printed. They could also use a variety of elements to equal artistic and decorative effects (“Graphic Designers.” U.S. para.8). Graphic designers generate the visualness and the design of goods that include websites and can also do stuff for detergent boxes (“Career” para.1). You must have a talent and an understanding in business world that includes issues of finance and production (“Career”para.2). A person in graphic design creates the picture, rough draft, the layout, and pretty much everything else you need to do for the creativity of the design (“Graphic Designer.” What’s para.2). They should review their work before they know they... ... middle of paper ... ...These are some of the things you need in order to become a graphic designer. The only thing that I don't like about this job is that you will be working full time or most of the time. There is plenty of more information about graphic designers out there and these are only a few. Only long, hard work will let you last in a job like this. Works Cited “Graphic Designers.” U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. United States Department of Labor, 8 jan. 2014. Web. 4 Apr. 2014>. “Graphic Designer.” What’s Next Illinois. Illinois Student Assistance Commission, 2014. Web. 4 Apr 2014.. “Career: Graphic Designer.” The Princeton Review. 2014.TPR Education Ip Holdings, 2014. Web. 7 Apr. 2014.
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