The Grandparents : A New Generation Of Grandparent Who Has Been Portrayed By Different Authors From Different Perspectives

The Grandparents : A New Generation Of Grandparent Who Has Been Portrayed By Different Authors From Different Perspectives

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The grandparents figure has been portrayed by different authors from different perspectives. Lahiri’s presented grandparents-grandchildren relation from the perspective of an immigrant family as it is easy for her to depict such characters because she is all through an American-Indian, brought up in the midst of her immigrant parents. Through the character of Ruma’s father, Lahiri represent a new generation of grandparent who has well adjusted themselves in his own way of living. Unlike stereotypical parents, Ruma’s father prefers to live his retired life in his own terms therefore; he denies staying with his daughter in spite of Ruma’s repeated request. He no longer desires to bind himself in the domestic chores and wants to enjoy his long lost freedom that he sacrificed with the beginning of her conjugal life. When Ruma meets her father after seven months, she is surprised to find her father almost resembled like an American in his old age and later on she also come to know her father’s secret relationship with some Mrs. Bagchi with whom he has decided to spent the rest of his life. His new adopted American ways helps him to assimilate with his grandson very smoothly.
Thus, the influence of grandparents towards their ‘hyphenated’ bi-cultural grandchildren is a mixed influence of both acceptance and refusal. The difficulty of studying this relationship is because of the fact that most of the diasporic writers do not get the scope to experience such relationship completely because most of their grandparents stayed back in India in their ancestral house. So there is always a sense of incompleteness which is glossed over mostly by death except only few grandparent characters who has been allowed to get in touch with their bi-cultur...

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...ut of the fear that their children might appear to be strangers if their children fail to understand their language and also to overcome their own weakness in English. But this cannot avoid uneasiness because as soon as the children started going to school, English become his first language and the only language by which he can interact with his friends and peers. One of the reasons of Usha’s distant relation with her mother is on the grounds of language although, she feels comfortable to talk to Deborah as both of them use English as the common language of expression.
Moreover, the immediate influence of society and the cultural milieu stands in the way of formation of ideas especially to a young mind. It is the influence of western education which is responsible for creating an atmosphere of ignorance among the immigrant children coming from indigenous background.

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