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Influence is the ability to have a burden on someone or something. However, one doesn’t have to be a “individual of influence” to be influential. The lives of each person is most strongly influenced by the family and environment that we grew up in. The personality of our parent (s), whether we were born first or last, what the bonds are like between siblings, our teaching horizontal surface, the socioeconomic position of our home, the home we have settled, all of these concepts have formed us at the time period of our life when we’re in need of it most and shaped us to who we are now.
In addition, these unspoken influences, our parents taught us with the fundamentals of "proper" behavior. At times when we were children, our mindset got creative and we explored a little with our freedom. We did not know that it was socially unacceptable to play with our food, to draw on the walls, to throw fits in public, or to break our toys out of anger. These rules and many more were beaten into our minds by our parents. Since these were our rules at such an early age it is often difficult to change things.
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However, these parents don 't understand that they are entering themselves in a world of hate from surrounding families. When these parents abuse their children, in any way, they are letting their children know that this is the proper way to raise children but in actuality it’s not. Their children learn from this, which is not what’s need in today’s world. It is said that what people are seen doing is what others learn off of. As a parent takes on more responsibilities, they need to keep an open mind on how they want their children raised and not take things out on them when they have not done anything wrong. I was lucky enough to have learned differently because my family cares about me, and I care about

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