Graduation Speech : School Is Not Boring And It Essay

Graduation Speech : School Is Not Boring And It Essay

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I grew up in one of the poorest regions in the United States, the Rio Grande Valley. Most parents in this region don’t have the mindset that education is important and, sadly, that mentality has been passed down to their children. My parents were high school drop-outs who married at a young age, and were in debt. Through them I was able to experience what life is like without education, my parents eventually got their GED and took some college courses. They instilled me in the importance of education, because truly that is the one thing that can not be take away from you. Unfortunately, not every child in the RGV had the same experience as I did, they all don 't come to the realization of how important education is. There are students that aren’t made aware that the only way to break the cycle of generational poverty is to pursue education. I want to be a teacher that inspires students like those in the RGV, that changes the way they see education. School is not boring and they shouldn 't spend the day mentally just waiting for the school day to end. I want to be a teacher to change the world for a student because basic education is essential in this world. I want to help students find their way and foster an environment in which they feel safe in. I want to be a teacher because they hold such a huge influence on a child 's life. I want to teach them vital knowledge that they will use daily. My personal experience has planted a dream in me to become a teacher.

2. Describe three of your personal characteristics that will enable you to be a successful teacher in the certification you are seeking.

Some of my greatest personal characteristics that will enable me to be a successful teacher are my dedication, my organization skills, ...

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...n adult. I also believe that because of how organized I am I would expect the same from my students. It’s unrealistic to expect young children to be organized, so this could cause some frustration on my part but I would have to find the structure amongst the chaos. I can overcome this challenge by making students aware of my expectations for keeping the classroom organized. Another personal characteristic that may present a challenge is my stubbornness in regard to teaching methods. I tend to stick to tried and true methods that I understand and I was taught. But I do believe it is extremely important to have an open mind when working with young students because they have such imaginative, complex minds and I would never want to limit them. I could overcome this challenge by keeping an open mind and reminding myself that there is more than one way to solve a problem.

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