Graduation Speech : Philosophy Of Education Essay

Graduation Speech : Philosophy Of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education
“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.” This is one of my favorite quotes, by Bob Talbert. As a future math teacher my dream is to not only teach students how to graph functions and take derivatives, but to also teach students life lessons that they will remember forever. I want to inspire students to be the very best person they can be and to reach for the stars. As a future educator I want to prove to students that education is one of the greatest privileges we have. If I want to achieve my goals I should first consider why I will be teaching, whom/what I will be teaching, how I will be teaching, and where I will be teaching. Considering these questions will prepare me for becoming the kind of teacher I hope to be.
Why I Am Teaching
The purpose of education is to give people the opportunity to grow intellectually and become the person they want to be. The purpose of education is to give students knowledge that will help them to be successful in the future. The purpose of education is for students to learn the basics of history, math, language, science, and arts that they need to know and that they can use to decide what career path they want to choose. The purpose of education is to not only teach students core content, but teach them life lessons. The purpose of education cannot be summarized into one thing. The purposes of education are very broad and very important to every child and adult.
My role as an educator will be to provide students with the material they need to know for that class and to be a role model. I not only want to teach my students the content needed for them to pass tests, but also to provide them with someone to look up to. I want to provide a c...

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...year begins. I want to establish a good relationship with the parents/ guardians of every student so I can communicate with them how their child is doing. To be more involved with my teaching colleagues I just hope to be a kind coworker. If they ever need help, I plan to try my best and to support them in any situation. Kindness goes a long way and that’s where I plan to start will every relationship including the community, parents, and coworkers of my future.
I absolutely cannot wait to begin my teaching career. Considering and reflecting on all of these important parts of teaching makes me even more excited. I hope to always remember what inspired me to be a teacher and what I hoped to achieve. Whenever I grow old I hope to look back on my career and be satisfied with the impact I left behind. I’m genuinely so excited to be in the best profession in the world.

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