Graduation Speech : My College Undergraduate Career Comes From The Admissions Department Of My University

Graduation Speech : My College Undergraduate Career Comes From The Admissions Department Of My University

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As my college undergraduate career comes to an end, I recollect the experiences that encouraged me to pursue a degree in pharmacy. I can clearly remember receiving that email from the admissions department of my university saying that I needed to claim my major prior to orientation day. As I read this email my stress levels sky rocketed. I had no idea what major I wanted to be in and I was definitely running out of time. During high school, I followed the medical pathway that my institution offered and I had definitely enjoyed it. This pathway exposed students to healthcare through various programs. For instance, through the course of my junior year, I participated in hospital rotations that allowed me to interact with patients. This primary exposure made me realized the joy I experienced as I interacted with them. However, during this time I also discovered that staying emotionally strong after the passing of patients was very difficult. My heart would shatter after hearing the unfortunate news that someone had died. These hospital rotations made me recognize that I did not want to see patients die. I understood that medical and nursing professionals were primary responders to these unfortunate situations and thus, I did not feel suitable for these occupations. I desired to have a profession that would allow me to interact with patients but in different circumstances. Although I did not know which profession would meet these expectations, I was convinced that I wanted a career in the health industry. As my senior year of high school approached, many educational opportunities came along my way. My school partnered up with our local university and offered technical programs to their students. One of the courses offered was the...

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...address their concerns. Patients should be encouraged to reaching out to their pharmacists and address their concerns.
With this in mind, obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy degree would enable me to promote patient education. As a licensed pharmacist, I would have the opportunity to counsel patients in a beneficial manner. I would be able to influence them and encourage them to make lifestyle changes in order for to achieve the expected results from their medications. I hope to one day hopefully manage my own pharmacy and make health education a priority for all patients. I believe that working as a pharmacist would definitely meet the expectations I have towards a professional career. I would be able to interact with patients while making an impact on them. I know that this journey may be somewhat difficult, but passion and determination will help me achieve my goal.

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