Essay Graduation Speech : I Signed Up For English 131

Essay Graduation Speech : I Signed Up For English 131

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I signed up for English 131 because I enjoy writing and figured it would be a fun and informative course in which I could learn writing strategies to help me in my college career and beyond. I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty good writer, as I took AP English classes in high school and it has always been a subject I’ve naturally gravitated towards. This course exceeded my expectations as to what I could learn in ten weeks. I feel that my writings skills have developed in all aspects, and I can take the skills I have learned and applied them to other courses and my future career. It’s an extremely good feeling after finishing an assignment, reading it over, and feeling very proud of how I was able to develop my thoughts and resources into something that has the potential to make a lasting impact on its readers.

In this portfolio, I will exhibit my understanding of the four course outcomes and showcase how I was able to demonstrate each one effectively in my writing throughout the quarter. The purpose of these outcomes is to develop skills that are essential for becoming a successful academic writer, and by using these newly developed strategies and techniques, I can continue to improve my writing and be able to apply them to any situation that is necessary.
Before this class, I had a very rudimentary understanding of what an academic essay needs to possess in order to reach maximum effectiveness. I knew that I should have a thesis, a few body paragraphs with evidence, a paragraph dedicated to the counterargument and a conclusion. After learning to replace the thesis with a complex claim, my writing has really evolved because it forces me to plan out the organization of my papers in advance, and can be used...

... middle of paper ...

...e paper. Previously, I was required to use a certain number of sources when writing a paper, however I sometimes had a hard time incorporating those quotes and pieces of evidence into my writing in a beneficial way. I’ve learned that sources can compliment my writing by adding extra insight from experts in the topic. If used strategically, citing sources in my paper can increase the likelihood for the audience to really pay attention and consider my argument since it is backed up by professionals on the designated topic. This is especially evident in my Short Assignment 3 – Plagiarism Synthesis paper, as I creatively used sources to not only prove my point but also to intrigue the audience and encourage them to keep reading. The (unquoted) quotes were incorporated skillfully so as not to disrupt the flow of the paper, but stood out enough to make a lasting impact.

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