Graduation Speech : College Achievement Essay

Graduation Speech : College Achievement Essay

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Junior Achievement offered me the opportunity to experience first-hand teaching through my first education course. I taught a fourth grade classroom and I was teaching Junior achievement’s “My Region: Entrepreneurship. Each lesson focused on entrepreneurship, business, and what is takes or business to succeed. I was able to learn and teach through the curriculum and lesson plans that were already made and sorted out for me to use which helped in preparation for teaching. Not only did I learn for my experience teaching in a real classroom but I also learned from the students I taught. The students were giving me feedback through telling me that they enjoyed an activity or did not; and some students would speak through body language. If a lesson was not interesting to them at a certain time, their body language would tell and I would try to implement different activities that Junior Achievement provided to keep them engaged. Junior Achievement also offered me the opportunity to work with a teacher who offered me advice and support through my observations and lessons. The curriculum that I was given was based on different student-centered learning focuses. One of my lessons was based off of a progressivist learning focus. Progressivism is the emphasis that ideas should be tested by experimentation and that learning is rooted in questions developed by learners. A lot of the activities that I had to do with the students almost always ended with me asking the students questions after words and students asking me questions. For example, I did an activity that involved the students to run a hot dog stand to teach them about the expenses needed to run a business. After the activity, the students started asking questions about different com...

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...– Field & Clinical Experiences: Field and clinical experiences, offered in collaboration with PK-12 schools, support the development of educators. Junior Achievement allowed to me to experience field work through their program through an elementary school. These hours in the field helped me gain insight on what it is like to be teacher for the first time in a real class room.
In conclusion, Junior Achievement allowed me the opportunity to jump into the field of education. It was an insightful experience which opened my eyes to just how fun and important teaching can be. I was able to experience different teaching strategies and methods of teaching. Teachers have to be open to change and have to follow certain standards to ensure their students are getting the best education and I am grateful that Junior Achievement had a program available to new education students.

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