Essay about Graduation Speech : An International Student

Essay about Graduation Speech : An International Student

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As an international student, my most difficult problem was English. When I first came to the United States, I studied at a private school, which called Fairmont Preparatory Academy. My high school had two separate programs that divided students in the whole school. One program was called FIA (Fairmont International Academy). This was a program that provided international students like me to spend time to focus on improving English than learning other subjects. After one year, international students in this program had chances to take a test, which contains listening, speaking, reading and writing. If students passed this test, they could move up to the regular program at school. The regular program was called Prep and students could take classes that required before graduation. I spent my first year in FIA to learn English and also American culture. My English was really bad at that time so I needed to stay at level one, which was the lowest level in this program. It made me feel very ashamed because I thought I could do better. It was a big challenge for myself to improve my English and move up to the regular program. It was really sad when I realized how bad my English was. Eventhough I studied English in my home country, I was still not good at it. I spoke English with a strong acent, people did not even understand what I wanted to tell them. When someone came to talk to me, I did not totally understand what they meant. When my teacher assigned me to write a paragraph, I did not know how to write a complete paragraph. That was me and my terrible failure, which made me spend the rest of my semester one in level one before I had opportunity to retake a test and went on a higher level. I spent a long time to think about myself and...

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...cause they saw me putted a lot of efforts to prepare for it. My teachers told me that one test could be mean nothing because one test did not tell someone how good he or she was. Even if someone did really badly on one test, it did not mean that person was not smart. However, a test was still a test. It could bring someone up, but also could bring that person down. I realized that my failure changed me to a new person. I began to think positively about everything in life, including my failures. If I failed one test, I could take it as an experience and had more encourage to study again in order to do well on the next test. The important part that I definitely learned something everytime I failed. At the same time I learned about my failure, I also learned to deal with hardships in life. Day by day, failure played an important role and an valuabe path to my success.

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