Graduation Out Of Pride Or Fear? Essay

Graduation Out Of Pride Or Fear? Essay

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Graduation out of Pride or Fear?
In Paul Toughmay’s “Who Gets to Graduate,” he follows a young first year college student, Vanessa Brewer, explaining her doubts, fears, and emotions while starting her college journey. As a student, at the University of Texas Brewer feels small and as if she doesn’t belong. Seeking advice from her family she calls her mom but after their conversation Brewer feels even more discouraged. Similar to Brewer I have had extreme emotions, doubts, and fears my freshman year in college.
“The image of herself as a college student appealed to her- independent, intelligent, a young woman full of potential- but it was more than that..” (page 1), is the first emotion that I felt connect Brewer and I; both strong for wanting more for our futures other than a high school diploma. As a senior in high school my dream was to move away and go to college as an independent of my own. I was able to do just that, upon acceptance to Houston Community College and moving into my own apartment I felt ready to begin a new life chapter. It was late in summer so I still had to ...

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