Graduating From High School

Graduating From High School

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There are two types of mornings: good and bad. Bad are those that usually occur during the weekends. The dreams are never finished to watch, warm bedding does not want you to go, and a little puppy desires even more attention than ever. To counterbalance it, good mornings are those that allow you to sleep until the midday and let the world wait. However, there was one particular day when everything has changed. I was waiting for my alarm to ring and could not wait to get up to proceed with my preparations for the day. That was the year of 2010, my graduation from County High School that is in Lafayette, Indiana.
I jumped out of my bed, rushed to the window and took a very deep breath. The morning air was full of special fragrant. I could not understand that scent; just remember that it was quite special. Now I know that it was a scent of freedom. It seemed like I could see all the molecules that were dancing in the rays of the sun as a little cartoon bulbs: very light and happy.
I went to the kitchen where my breakfast was already waiting for me. Cereals in the milk felt also different. It seemed like those little chocolate balls were making various greeting words while I was catching them with every spoon of milk as I was hungry as a wolf. Presumably that was the result of my great willingness to finally start the day. Everything seemed to be full of energy and was inviting me to go and get ready for my graduation ceremony.
When we arrived to the place, I could not believe my eyes: everybody seemed to be different. My friends looked even more willing to share their morning experience than ever. I received sincere smiles from various strangers, but it did not seem unusual. However, it really seemed like everything has changed. Even the birds were producing different melodies than usual by warming up their voices in the sunny trees.
All of my friends and family came to share my happiness, and they were present throughout the whole graduation ceremony. Despite the fact that most of such official events seemed to be quite boring for me before, this one passed like a snap of the finger. Even those speeches that I expected to be the most boring seemed to be quite encouraging and entertaining.

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That sunny and beautiful day was full of pictures taken after the official part was over. We took various perspectives for those pictures and wanted them to be both a bit serious and funny. My friends helped me a lot to add to the funny ones.
Now when I look at those pictures, I remember the whole preparation process, which I enjoyed a lot. Buying a suit and choosing a corresponding tie was quite an interesting activity. I felt like a popular star that needs something very special for the special event. I am thinking of keeping that outfit in the attic and show it to my children in the future. Maybe they will be able to feel the scent of that unusual morning and the whole positiveness of the day.
We went home and spend some time with my friends and relatives after the memorable photo session. We were spending time outside with barbeque, music and jokes. We all had a great time. Everybody remembers that day as a very special: even the mosquitoes did not bite. We played various games with a ball and did not notice the first star on the sky. Then more stars appeared and we saw the Plough. Then we rushed to the telescope to observe more beautiful night creatures.
When I look back to those times, I feel that now I value such moments even more. I have expected a regular graduation ceremony and standard fellowship time after it. During that day, I felt that happiness and positive emotions fulfilled my whole body and mind. Now I feel more conscious of those times and analyze that event from a bit different perspective.
The graduation ceremony was a turning point in my life. I became more independent. At the same time, such independency brought more life challenges. Now I look at that day as the symbolic farewell to my unruffled life. It was a bit scary to imagine how everything will turn afterwards; however, I did not want to think a lot of those moments during that special day.
The time has passed, and light memories are kept in my mind as the most precious moments. Life is full of surprises and opportunities, challenges and great people. Now I am waking up in the morning wondering whether I will ever have the same feeling of happiness as on my graduation day.
Life has changed; we have all grown up and became more serious. However, we have another function in the world now. We should remember about the preparation of the platform for our future generation. This is as simple as an evolution process.
The life is still full of surprises, the same sun is shining, and there is the same spirit in the air. The main task is to be able to differentiate that good morning from others, live it through happily, and finally learn how to keep positive feelings during the whole life. There is a great possibility that such a good morning start will bring another turning point into my life. I am looking forward to it!
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