Personal Narrative: My High School Graduation

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"Graduation" Have you ever been so nervous for a big event that was only a couple of days away ? What about the moment you have been waiting for your whole life ? I have , that big moment was my high school graduation.The best moment of my life and also the scariest. It took a lot of preparation to get me ready such as the perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle , and building the self conscious up to go. While trying to find the perfect dress I visited many different dress shops from Selma to Huntsville. I started to give up hope of ever finding one and just going with a plain dress. When finding a dress you have to find a dress that you are very pleased with and compliments you. Ever believed or heard of dress at first sight? When I …show more content…

I googled images of short hairstyles until I found the perfect one , it was blonde with spikes and different designs. My heart almost stopped when I saw the hairstyle, but then I couldn't find anyone to style it for me and graduation was only a couple of days away. I found the perfect hairstylist and she worked miracles. My hair was a pretty blonde color with streaks and big curls. I was ready for graduation the next day. It was the day of graduation and i was very nervous, i suffer from anxiety so it took a while for me to catch my breathe and calm down. My breathing picked up a loud speed and my heart started racing. I remembered my mother used to tell me that when I feel like that , just think about how blessed I am. When i calmed down I arrived to my graduation. The crowd was so packed, it was no available seats for anyone to sit down. I started to panic again, then i stopped and remembered that it was my day. In conclusion, I had a really great graduation and I enjoyed the experience. I got to feel what it was really like to go through the process of preparing for graduation. Trying to find the perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle, and controlling my anxiety. I have described to you how I survived the most important day of my life and how I went through

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  • Opines that their high school graduation was the best moment of their life and the scariest. it took a lot of preparation to get ready.
  • Narrates how they visited many different dress shops from selma to huntsville to find the perfect dress.
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