Graduate Studies in Atmospheric Science Essays

Graduate Studies in Atmospheric Science Essays

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Four NOMAD buoys across the North Atlantic registered a 13-degree drop in SST. And soon a series of extreme weather happened in front of my eyes: hurricanes, snow storms, and even cyclones that rapidly pulled cool air from the upper troposphere which made people freeze instantly. Those were the scenes I saw from The Day after Tomorrow, the film that inspired my curiosity in atmospheric sciences in my seventh grade. Although shocked by the catastrophe caused by global warming in the film, I couldn't help take an eager interest in how freshwater from melted polar ice caps brought a shift in the North Atlantic Current, and how the shifted current brought a change in the earth’s climate. Later, as I gathered more information about the climate, I became fascinated by the physical and dynamical mechanisms explaining atmospheric phenomenon. And after three years of undergraduate study of atmospheric sciences, beyond the starting point of fascination, I have taken concrete steps forward with my hard work, independence, and creativity.
During the first two years of my undergraduate studies, I have devoted to building a solid background in mathematics and physics. I constantly find pleasure in deriving mathematical formulas to experience in my mind the process of turning the physical mechanisms into something of such succinct beauty. And the School of Atmospheric Science at Nanjing University, the top school for this major in China has provided me with a rich environment to excel beyond the curriculum, debating and discussing questions with my professors. My curious and analytical attitude has made me a top student among my peers.
Apart from the background training, the excitement of overcoming challenges independently has also fueled the ...

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...nd physics, as well as improving my analytical and programming skills before engaging in research will make this a more worthwhile experience.
With solid background training, active practice and enthusiasm for atmospheric sciences, I am now ready to embark upon my graduate journey. I am particularly drawn to the Ph.D. program of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, UCLA because of its special strength in theories of dynamics and simulation of the climate. And the innovative research topics, especially Dr. Hall’s research on climate feedbacks and regional climate dynamics, and Dr. Neelin’s application of hierarchical climate modeling, are really tempting. It is irresistible for me to continue my involvement in innovative research in atmospheric sciences, and I wish to begin focused research projects at graduate level as a further step toward my dream.

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