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The government of the Roman Republic was complex. Each position in government had a specific function. The Roman government was led by two consuls, or leaders. This was the highest position of the political government, holding a large amount of power. There were two consuls selected in order to keep a balance of power. They both served a year term and had the option to veto each other if they did not agree on something. This position also gave them the power to establish laws, collect taxes, and make military based decisions. The Roman Senate consisted of patricians, who were hierarchy because of their ancestors. Therefore, they were basically born into the position. Their job was to guide the consuls and deliver the messages or rules that needed to be initiated. They were selected to this position for life. Another part of the Roman government was the Plebeian Council. This consisted of the lower class, or commoners. They would elect their own leaders, as well as pass laws and hold court. This form of government gave commoners a chance to finally voice their opinions and make an impact in the government body. Tribunes were involved in the Plebeian Council. They were representatives who had the opportunity to veto laws made by the Senate. Governors were appointed as the republic continued to expand and gain more land. They were given an individual province to command, where they were in charge of collecting taxes and ruling the local army. Aediles were also part of the Roman government. These were officials who maintained public buildings and festivals. This was a great starting point for someone who wanted to be elected into higher office. The position would give them the opportunity to hold a public gathering and gain interest f...

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...der took over, the Roman Empire declined rapidly, making Aurelius the last ruler of the Pax Romana.
The Roman Empire functioned differently than the republic. The republic had two people at the height or power that would keep each other over balanced so that one did not gain too much control. However, the Roman Empire had a ruler who made all decisions and the entire empire was under his command. In the republic, citizens were eventually treated equally and freemen could vote weather they were wealthy or not. They determined the laws that were implemented and no one was above the law. The Roman Empire didn’t have laws that were made by the people. The people had no option to voice their opinion and decide on laws to be passed. The emperor of the Roman Empire ran things to their liking. They were above the law and had no boundaries to what they could enforce or do.

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