Essay about Google: Violating Ethical Standards

Essay about Google: Violating Ethical Standards

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At the beginning of launching of a search engine in China by Google, the firms need was to incorporate the Chinese language into the Google search engine. However, Google gave the Chinese government mandate to decide the content that would be censored. Later, the Chinese search was shut down by the government. As a result of this, Google decided to put a computer in china to help investigate illegal sites of websites. The computer was programmed outside the vicinity Chinese government which helped Google identify the restricted websites. And as a result, Google launched a new product that gave users the best and high quality internet services.
In 2006, Google created, this new browser offered competition to its competitors in that, there was a possibility of information privacy, hence information could not leak outside China. The users were informed of the screening process, and the Chinese-language was incorporated in (Martin n.d). The censoring was due to the various results obtained as a result of various searches. The search results obtained received negative reactions from various scholars, non-governmental organizations and the citizens in general.
The long term objective of Google was to ensure that everyone would have an access to the most valuable information in the world, at all places and at all times when one was looking for such information. This objective was limited by the restriction of the Chinese government on the anti-Chinese government information censoring. The short term objectives included: to satisfy the needs of users while competing favorably with other companies in the same industry, to increase the accessibility of information to all people in order to make people get informed a...

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...nlimited access to internet, the firm is compromising the users’ freedom to get as much information as possible from the internet. The firm therefore is violating its stated ethical standards. The firm further presents a case whereby firms are oriented on having a market share and gaining revenues, but compromising their ethical principles in the process.

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