Google Search Engine Is An Option For Your Next Raise? Essay

Google Search Engine Is An Option For Your Next Raise? Essay

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4. Going Social
5. Campaign Influencers
6. Campaign Blog
7. Community Building
8. Designing Rewards
9. Writing up the Campaign
10. Running the Campaign
11. Campaign Follow-up
During the next few days we will examine each of these steps in more detail.
Is crowdfunding an option for your next raise?

Crowdfunding - Platform Research
When it comes to campaign research, it is all about researching what projects work best on each platform to determine which is the best to launch your campaign. See the previous post (17 Popular Crowdfunding Platforms) to understand the the objectives of each platform.
In most cases, platform research should take you about a week or so to do effectively. Using the Google search engine is an effective way to start your research. This approach helps you find campaigns similar to the one you intend to launch. First, try to Google a “platform” followed by the “your product idea.” For example, say you have an idea for a new Mini Drone product. You might enter “KickStarter Mini Drone” to get a list of similar campaigns to start your research. Another Google search may be to enter simply “Crowdfunding Mini Drone.”
Once you locate similar products search the campaign for the following:
What was their initial fundraising target goal?
How much were they able to raise?
How many backers did they have?
What were the pledge amounts?
What rewards did they offer?
What was their video message like?
How did they connect to the backer 's emotions?
What was the length of their campaign?
What was the timeline to deliver their rewards?
Click on the comments section to see what they said about the campaign.
Look at their website or blog. What you can learn from them?
What does you proposed campaign have in common with ot...

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... posts for the campaign blog, or answering questions about the campaign with potential backers.
Once you have solicited support from your friends and family, it is time to reach out to the backers of similar campaigns. This is the list that you got from other campaign owners in the campaign research step. Contact the backers and say that you see that they have backed similar campaigns. Tell them that you would like their feedback on your upcoming campaign. Now is not the time to ask them to pledge their support.
Look at forums for crowdfunding in general and by category to locate potential backers. Use Google to help search for forum names. For example, if you are selling a water bottle for runners, search “forum running.” Go to the forum and introduce yourself. Offer some valuable comments. Perhaps they need to think about the need for proper hydration during a race

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