Essay on God 's Not Dead, By Andreas Kostenberger

Essay on God 's Not Dead, By Andreas Kostenberger

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Many people struggle to properly defend their faith when confronted about it and even waver in their faith when presented with doubts against their faith that sound convincing. This is because many do not move beyond a basic understanding of their faith and fail to learn the fundamentals of Christian faith. The book Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World by Andreas Köstenberger and the film God’s Not Dead (Harold Cronk, 2014) present both similar and different viewpoints on defending one’s faith adequately. Arguments addressed by both the book and the film include the credibility of people, a concept of morals, and the existence of evil.
The first argument mentioned by both the book and the film was that most people will take the word of credible people blindly. During one of the lectures given by Josh Wheaton in God’s Not Dead, Professor Radisson brings up a quote from Stephen Hawking to refute Wheaton’s argument: “Because there’s a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing spontaneously. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something instead of nothing; why the universe exists; why we exist. It’s not necessary to invoke God to set the universe in motion” (Cronk, God’s Not Dead). Although Wheaton does not have an immediate answer, he later rebuts his claim by saying the statement is false due to circular reason, meaning Hawking is merely restating his as proof for his claim. Wheaton further presented a quote from Professor John Lennox, “Nonsense remains nonsense even when spoken by famous scientists, even though the general public assumes they are statements of science” (Cronk, God’s Not Dead). This shows that most people will accept claims made by credible people without ques...

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... also believes that there can be multiple reasons as to why evil exists in the world. These reasons include that suffering is a punishment for sin, suffering can indirectly put people into a better situation, and suffering exists for a reason only God knows and He wants us to trust Him. He continues this point by saying it does not have to be for only one of these reasons, but a combination of multiple reasons. On the other hand, Wheaton only mentions one reason for evil existing in the world.
Ultimately, both the book and the film share similar insight on how a Christian can defend his or her faith; however, they also present different opinions as well. Although the topics discussed may be similar, they present different viewpoints and answers to the same question. However, they both share similar goals: to help Christians defend and solidify their faith adequately.

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