The God Of A Secular Age Essay

The God Of A Secular Age Essay

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Faithless to Faith: Finding Jesus in a Secular Age
Who was Jesus and what sort of evidence do we actually have to prove his existence? In today 's society, religion is viewed negatively and is seen as oppression of freedom and free will. Many atheists often reject God for various reasons, claiming that science is the answer to all of our questions raised and claiming human race always has existed. Therefore, concept of God or higher power is impossible. Finding Jesus in a Secular Age by Lee Stroebel, provides trustworthy textual evidence, illustrating the existence of God through (the) personal journey of the speaker.

Lee Stroebel, a renown journalist and apologist delivered a compelling speech of his personal testimony, and demonstrated the reasons that are credent(not sure which word you meant here) to existence of Jesus. Similar to many atheists, he lived a life of immorality, self destruction and pursuit of highest achievement as ultimate pleasure. A life without that included (maybe you mean a life with consequences?)without consequences. (he led?)A life full of anger and destruction that nearly destroyed his marriage, (and)his young daughter that(remove that) feared him as a result of actions. Living in the darkness and being blinded by the lies that he believed. His wife, Leslie never was given the opportunity to hear the Gospel, being agnostic herself. When she wanted to follow God after hearing about Salvation, it complicated the situation in their home, (because of?)constant arguing and disagreements. Yet in the midst of turmoil, he found God, searching the truth about God and whether he was factual. His personal investigation took two full years, and based on the evidence he had discovered, he came to the conclusio...

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... become an even a bigger miracle than the Resurrection if it actually occurred. This ideology is absurd and unreasonable, and it does not hold any value of truth. Hallucinations can only occur individually, thus their claim is invalid, and it cannot happen to multiple people.They were not hallucinations, rather actual appearances that transformed lives of those He became in contact with.
Although the claims that were made against Christianity were fairly reasonable, however those reasons for denying the existence of Jesus is invalid and are without solid arguments. There are more evidences that exist to prove his existence, rather than disproving it. The textual evidences as well as finding of empty tomb, passing down of Creed of Paul demonstrates the validity of His existence. “If you could ask any question to God that He could answer, what that would be ?”

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