Character Analysis Apostle John

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Character Analysis Apostle John

John was a dedicated apostle of Jesus Christ. His adult life was dedicated towards serving Christ and his doctrines. From his time of appointment to the ascension of Christ, John was among the disciples chosen to spread the word of God. After the ascension of Christ, John continues with his service to Christ, spreading the word of God from Galilee, across borders to Greece. The paper will illustrate the various lessons that can be demonstrated through John’s life, preaching and service to Christ.

Lesson 1


John was born around the year 5A.D, and before his selection to be among the Disciples of Christ, he was a fisherman together with his brother James, who was advanced in age that John. The father to John and before being selected as Christ’s disciples, they had already been given the name “Sons of Thunder”. This according to Greek interpretations was from the name Βοανηργες , which represented commotion and great temperament.

John was therefore an impetuous person, who demonstrated immense temperament behaviors together with his brother James. John can therefore be described as an individual who illustrated intolerance and selfishness. Ones they were selected to serve as Christ’s disciples, these two brothers continued to portray rude and impetuous behaviors. One incident was during the time when Jesus was nearing his crucifixion that he planned to go to Jerusalem. While in Samaria en-route Jerusalem, Jesus was not received and John, together with his brother James, requested for powers to burn the Samaritans through fire from heaven.

The stupid and selfish thought illustrated that the nickname given to John, “Son of Thunder “, was a true definition of the temperamental nature ...

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