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Gmo 's : The Mandating Of Labeling Laws Essays

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Contains GMO’s: The Mandating of Labeling Laws
The year 2015 marks the twentieth anniversary of bioengineered crops and genetically modified organisms’ (GMO’s) being grown, harvested and sold across the entire world. The percentage of people who are actually aware of this frankenfoods existence, however, are small in numbers and for a very terrifying reason. Already, labeling laws exist in 64 countries, including Japan, Russia, Australia and Brazil, but are coincidentally nonexistent in North America as a whole. This lack of awareness is the exact reason as to why all genetically modified foods, such as the Flavr Savr tomato, should have mandatory labeling laws placed upon them, similar to those discussed in Proposition 37. To be educated of the negative effects modified foods have on the human body while at the same time being properly informed should be a basic right, not a choice. Hence why the mandating of proper labeling laws in North America is an extremely important subject of discussion for everyone who consumes any sort of food.
In 1994, GMO’s were originally introduced through a newly developed, slow ripening tomato. Calegene Inc. took it upon themselves to take “a specific DNA sequence … reverse [it] within the plant, which [retarded] the softening process” (Wikipedia). Also known as the Flavr Savr TM, this new breed of produce can spend a longer amount of time on the vine in order to “fully develop its flavor” (Wikipedia), and aids in reducing damages that might come with handling and shipping. In spite all the improvements that came with the creation of this “miracle” tomato, the Canadian Government spent time reviewing internationally installed guidelines concerning the labeling on all modified organisms. Later on, ...

... middle of paper ... issues that come along with eating them.
The Flavr Savr started the industry, Proposition 37 raised awareness, and an immeasurable amount of research has gone into proving the negative side effects on the human body derived from genetically modified organisms. Today should be the day that labeling these modified foods becomes a law, not an option, for all food companies and distributors around the world. The public deserves, and frankly has every right to know, what has been hidden from them all this time due to the lack of laws currently existing. It is not a complicated procedure to begin implementing into society, so waiting any longer for this positive change seems foolish. With the smallest alteration on every bag, box or can, properly educating the world about these frankenfoods can be remarkably simple. Two words, one revolutionary phrase: Contains GMO’s.

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