Essay about The Globalization Of Lego : A History And Study

Essay about The Globalization Of Lego : A History And Study

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May 23, 2016

The Globalization of LEGO: A History and Study

The original Darth Maul minifigure is so rare and sought after because he is only in six sets. This is an example of brilliant marketing by LEGO because it makes the people that want him pay more and buy more LEGO sets. LEGO successfully globalized through the use of growth strategies, innovation strategies, and effective marketing such as this to become one of the world’s biggest toy empires.

Legos are plastic toys that are very popular in all places that they are sold. LEGO was founded “in 1932 in Denmark, when Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded a small factory for making wooden toys.” It was not until 1947 that “he discovered that plastic was the ideal material for toy production and bought the first injection molding machine in Denmark.” Along with a novel product, LEGO also had an interesting management style. Often in Danish culture “there are a few clear goals and lots of leeway to achieve them.” This means that few clear goals are given and no parameters are put up, which allows employees to find creative solutions and new approaches to problems. LEGO is a major proponent of this type of management, which allowed it to globalize without being slowed down by barriers of their own creation.

Growth Strategies
LEGO uses many growth strategies in order to reach the global market effectively. One strategy is to identify and focus on selling to markets in which LEGO has not yet saturated the market. For example, in the United States market “many Americans may think they buy a lot of LEGO products, but they buy only about a third of what Germans buy.” This means, for LEGO...

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... of how LEGO was successful, but of how globalization of companies also leads to the globalization of ideas and culture. For the world, LEGO’s growth allows people from different cultures to find a way to connect. This globalization should be encouraged because it will lead to a more understanding, peaceful world, piece by piece.
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