Globalization Today

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Globalization entered into a new phase after the events of 9/11. Globalization is in the process of evolution since treaty of Westphalia. The major concept of globalization is to increase the interconnection and interdependence between states and individuals all over the world where the time frame has been compressed due to variety of fast means of connections available. As the impact of globalization increased many new concepts and threats also emerged. The major topic now a day is global security and the positive and negative impact of globalization on the global security in a compact and comprehensive way. Since after the treaty of Westphalia the realist approach revolved around the world where the primary actor of international relations was state. The security of states was given extreme importance and individuals almost neglected. After the end of drastic world war two, the liberal approach dominates the world politics and globalization entered into its peak era. The revolutionary opportunities and situations due to globalization raised a new topic of: global Security”. Everyone in the global politics is now concerned about the global security in the context of globalization. I will discuss issue of global security and possibility of its achievement in detail in the context of globalization and I will also highlight global security and the globalization link in the eyes of liberals and realists the two dominating school of thoughts throughout the world.

Globalization has minimized the distances and increased the interdependence of states due to advanced technology and communication means. Nowadays the events are more localized and any event happened in one part of the world has impacts on the whole world due to globalization. If we focus on the benefits the world is more secure in the eyes of experts who consider globalization as one of the positive international system. Nowadays due to Interpol services where there is a combined security system which used to negotiate and work with mutual understanding of all states has made a world more secure. Now if a person commits a crime and tries to escape to another country there is a 99% possibility that Interpol and security agencies using advanced communication system and globalization effects trace the guilty person and handover to respective authorities. Moreover after the creation of United Nations, international court of Justice and the institutions like European Union and NATO the possibility of discrimination and injustice is minimized according to the idealist school that supports the process of globalization.
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