Globalization And Its Impact On Nation State Essay

Globalization And Its Impact On Nation State Essay

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Despite the fact that globalization has existed for centuries, it appears for many as a threat to the concept of nation-state. However, according to others, globalization has greatly benefit nation-states, and should therefore be conceived as a helpful phenomenon rather than a drawback. But if globalization is not more recent than nation-states, it has however been on the rise for the last decades. Thus it has taken more and more importance at domestic and global scale. This explains the concerns raised by many scholars who see in this expansion the end of nation-states. It is true that different aspects of globalization have altered the concept of fully sovereign states, however it cannot be said that it is really threatened either. This essay aims to demonstrate that, in a certain extent, globalization is indeed a friend to the nation-state, but the notion of nation-state itself has to be revised and updated to match the evolution of the modern world. In a first part I will explain what should be understood by ‘globalization’ and ‘nation-state’ in order to well understand why it can be thought that they are incompatible, and why this is not entirely true. In the second part, I will analyze in which ways globalization can be harmful for the nation-state. Finally I will demonstrate that it is a false conception of the reality, proving that globalization benefits greatly the development of nation-states, and will conclude on the idea that despite all the advantages nation-states gain thanks to globalization, it is true that they have to adapt themselves to the changes brought by the importance of transnational governance, global economy, and even the emerging network society.

There are many ways to define globalization. The Oxf...

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...nance of the political organization of nation-states rather than the cultural aspect . Liah Greenfeld shares this view of a ‘political community’, and claims that “a particular national, often ethnic, membership is misleading and has not referent in reality” . It is not the opinion of Hedva Ben-Israel who states that it is “the concrete expression of the principle of nationalism which is the convergence of the nation and the state, whether the state created the nation or vice versa, and also whether the nation defines itself by its religion, culture, history or collective will”. However she admits that some nation-states have been created for political purposes rather than cultural ones . For the purposes of this essay, the definition chosen is a political and cultural community with a demarcated territory and domestic economic, juridical and social infrastructures.

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