The Pros and Cons of Globalization

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Globalization, a great number of people regard it as a chiefly economic phenomenon, necessitating the additional integration, or interaction, of nationally based economic entities through the development of international trade, investment and monetary flows. Also included in this view is the rapid advances in sharing social and cultural values as well as new technologies as the world grows together. Globalization can be defined as a procedure in which geographic distance is a diminishing factor in the formation and sustentation of international economic, political and cultural relations. Proponents of this process believe that free trade and integration of world markets will facilitate growth in economies both old and new. Proponents also believe that globalization will stimulate the spread of democracy and in turn improve the condition of human rights so intrinsic to the values of democracy. Critics of globalization see globalization quite differently, portraying it as worldwide push toward a globalized economic system under the control of global corporate trade and banking institutions that are not responsible to the democratic system or governments. Many questions surround globalization. What are the costs and benefits of free trade? Does globalization exacerbate global inequality? What impact does globalization have on the environment? Are industries in developed nations being weakened by industries in developing or third world countries that have a lower standard and therefore cost of labor?

What are the costs and benefits of free trade? Proponents of globalization put forward that the benefits of free trade out weigh the costs. International investment and trade have been the machines that drive growth and development...

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...developing nations it is the nation's lower standards of labor that make globalization possible and indeed profitable. Allowing a company to pay a laborer a fraction of what his counterpart would be paid in a developed nation.

Globalization has a tremendous amount of support as well as a tremendous amount of opposition. While multinational companies tend to push for globalization and therefore higher profit margins, opponents work hard to make sure that developing nations are not taken advantage of in the process. Globalization cannot continue without supporters and it should not continue with out detractors. As always a balance must be found to protect not only the nations that are developing but those that are already developed as well. Proponents and opponents must work together to ensure the well being of generations to come that will surely inherit the earth.