Global Warming Is The Biggest Threat Facing The Country Essay

Global Warming Is The Biggest Threat Facing The Country Essay

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A new Pentagon report mentioned that global warming is one of the urgent and growing threat to “national security”(Nakamura, 2015, para 1). Presidential contender/Senator/ Bernie Sanders also pointed out that “global warming, not terrorism or nuclear weapon proliferation or Chinese hacking, is the biggest threat facing the country”(Follett, 2015, para 1). Global warming contributes to the death of 400,000 people a year and costing the world more than $1.2 trillion, which is about 1.6% of the annual global GDP (Harvey, 2012, para 4). Raising social awareness about the effect of global warming is the first step to avert the damaging consequences.Today, I would like to present to you what causes global warming, the effects of global warming on weather conditions as well as the economy, and the effects of global warming on biodiversity.
I First,I would like to inform you about the causes of global warming.
A. The emission of greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide to the atmosphere cause global
1. According to Colin Woodard, award winning investigative journalist and CQ researcher,
the concentration of too much carbon dioxide, due to the burning fossil fuel, in the
atmosphere trap the heat and cause the earth to warm (Woodard, 2007, p 29).
a. Because of the excessive emissions from the various manufacturing plants around the
world carbon dioxide blanket the earth in such a way that the heat that would
otherwise escape to the atmosphere will be trapped by the CO2 which cause the
surface of the earth to warm.
We can take our electric and gas provider PG&E as an example. PG&...

... middle of paper ...

... which is the main prey for Polar bears, and increases the amount of time and
energy needed for hunting, leaving less energy for reproduction
( Michelle, ( n.d.), para 4).
Today I shared with you what causes global warming, the effect of global warming on weather and the economy , and the effect of global warming on biodiversity. Millions of people around the world are losing their life, their home, their business because of global warming induced extreme weather. While extreme weather caused by global warming affects everyone indiscriminately, the poors are the one affected disproportionately. As such fighting global warming and averting the adverse consequence thereto start with getting informed about the issue. And I hope today I raised your awareness about global warming.

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