Global Warming : Is It Really Happening? Essay

Global Warming : Is It Really Happening? Essay

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Michael Hubbert
Mr. Lounsberry
English 4
December 11, 2016
Global Warming: Is it Really Happening?
Over the years hearing topics about Global Warming on the News, does anyone ever quite understand what the meaning Global Warming really is about? Some may say that studying Chemistry could help to understand how it all works and what the effects are with Global warming, and how it all comes about from the gases in the atmosphere (Cardulla, 2001). Greenhouse effect is described as the way glass in a greenhouse heats up from the glass absorbing the sunrays (Cardulla, 2001). Ocean temperatures are rising, and the water absorbs most of the heat that is usually trapped in the atmosphere (Cardulla, 2001). It is believed that the gases in the atmosphere are heating up the earth too much, just like a greenhouse, causing climate change (Cardulla, 2001). Do to the extra gases made by man, are they sending a lot more heat back to the Earth surface causing Global Warming or Greenhouse effect (Costello, 2013).
Noted in the article written by Faye Flam, the four reasons to worry about Global Warming are, oceans getting warming, heat directed back to earth from carbon dioxide in the air, sea levels are rising, and that Global Warming is irreversible (Flam, 2016). The Earth is getting more heat and energy from the Sun than the atmosphere is getting (Flam, 2016). Scientists feel that climate change will have an impact on people’s overall health, such as; air pollution causing asthma, and severe weather resulting in injuries or death for example (Flam, 2016). According to NASA, since 1969, oceans have warmed up by .3 degrees F. El Nino and La Nina currents control how much greenhouse gas related heating goes into the oceans. In 199...

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