Argumentative Essay On Global Climate Change

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Global climate change is a phenomenon widely accepted by the public in today’s society. A survey from Yale revealed that 63% of Americans believe that global warming is currently happening (Leiserowitz, 2013). And although the public has shown to misunderstand the scientific field, in the case of climate change, science supports their beliefs. Now, a majority of scientists accept that extreme changes are occurring in the world. Evidence is showing that worldwide climate change is real, and the consequences will cause adverse effects to all forms of life. One line of evidence that supports the notion that global climate change is occurring involves the measurement of CO2 levels. Carbon dioxide levels remained relatively stable for thousands of years prior to the 20th century. A video with data on historical measurements on CO2 concentration shows that levels have never gone above 300 ppm in…show more content…
It seems as if annual temperature records are being broken on both ends of the scale every single year. This phenomena has been recognized by science, and studies have shown that the world has seen “increases in extreme high temperatures, decreases in extreme low temperatures, and increases in intense precipitation events” (Easterling, 2000). This increased distinction in the weather extremes is predicted to cause considerable economic and agricultural damage to civilizations across the globe (Rosenzweig 2001). For example, periods of drought immediately followed by a period of storm will affect the absorption of soil and may increase the probability of flooding, especially in flatter lands (Rosenzweig 2001). Ultimately, the human food supply will continue to stand at a tipping point until something can be done about the global climate
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