Global Warming Is A Global Effort Essay

Global Warming Is A Global Effort Essay

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This agreement was rectified to address the problem of global warming by means of cutting greenhouse gas emissions. International cooperation is needed to address this issue because climate change is a global effort. It is the cumulative emissions that actually affect climate. Each country participating in the KP has an individualized reduction target to meet depending on their economy and energy needs. Most of the countries participating in the protocol are developed nations whose targets all involve reducing emissions of 6 main greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide and methane. The target is for these counties to reduce their GHG emissions in the time span of 2008-2012 by an average of 4.6% below their 1990 levels of emissions (United Nations, n.d.). These targets are quantifiable because GHG emissions can and have been measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide released annually. We do have records of GHG emissions from nations in 1990, therefore, the targets from each nation can be quantified. The year 1990 was actually chosen because there is no good data available before that.

Why Is It Difficult To Address Global Warming

For developing countries, including China and India, it is harder to reduce GHG emissions for many reasons. The mean average age of a power plant in China is only 12 years compared with 32 years in the USA (Walsh, 2010). These developing nations rely heavily on fossil fuels to increase their economy. For some developed nations it is easy to reduce emissions because these countries already have a developed infrastructure and have money to invest in green technology, whereas developing nations don 't have the money to invest in that. Canada is a developed country, but we still struggle to reduce...

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...ons without effort, but if they didn 't have to set any national policies to reduce emissions and get started on going green, that is ultimately a negative affect. If the targets were stricter, more effort would have to be put in by countries to reduce more and implement lasting laws to reduce emissions. The protocol is oriented to be fast acting and doesn 't focus on what can be done for climate over longer timeframes.

The KP was rectified with the hopes of reducing emissions and ultimately slowing global warming. It was successful in reducing emissions of the countries that actually participated but ultimately was unsuccessful in actually slowing global warming. The KP was not ultimately a waste of time; it brought awareness of global warming to the public and is the starting blacks of what could be an improved and more successful protocol in the future.

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