Girls And Girls Are Socialized On Express Emotions That Are Socially Appropriate For Their Gender

Girls And Girls Are Socialized On Express Emotions That Are Socially Appropriate For Their Gender

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Recent research has shown that boys and girls are socialized to express emotions that are socially appropriate for their gender (Sloan pg.371). A man showing anger and aggression is ok, but not for a woman. Women do appear to show more positive emotions and smile more. Whereas men show little to no expression or emotion. Studies have shown that when “… accounting for social positions women do not experience a greater amount of emotion then men… however women do tend to report greater emotional expressivity than men in general” (Kring and Gordon, 1998; Simon and Nath, 2004).
In the workplace jobs that are predominately run by men of higher status appear to have a lot of masculine qualities, and a masculine emotional style. Whether you are male or female, showing more anger while working at a higher status, would be more acceptable than someone working at a lower status. (Brody, 2000; Ciancian and Gordon, 1988; Hochschild,1983; Sinaceur and Tiedens). Due to a high prevalence women are expected to keep their emotions together and maintain them better than men do. (Sloan, pg. 374). When there is a worker that may be angry at someone of a higher status (like a manager), they will not be likely to let the manager know they are angry at them.
Boys and girls mentioned earlier, have a perception of how they should act. It has been proposed by psychosocial developmental theorists that “children learn gender-role consistent behaviors over time through cognitive learning, socialization, and experience… boys and girls develop cognitive schemas for gender based on observing their environments” (Liben&Bigler, 2002). Plenty of social learning theories have shown that children have learned different ways on how they should behave whether it’s thr...

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...plays a big part on gender roles and the way boy and girls should act.
Research Design
A pre-test and post-test will be used to measure the participants on their understanding of emotions. The pretest will be used before the experiment to see how much they know, and the post test will be given, to see if they have gained any knowledge after the experiment is done.
In this study the goal is that the participants will realize that no particular gender is more emotional than the other. Yes, being male or female can be very different as far as emotions are concerned, but it shouldn’t hinder you getting a job or not. From this study the participants will be fully aware of gender based emotions and how society is playing a significant part. To analyze this data, a T- test will be used to examine the different results between the post-test and the pre-test.

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