Ghosts are Real Entities Essay

Ghosts are Real Entities Essay

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Many people believe that mystical or other worldly creatures aren’t real or they think that they are all make believe. Ghosts on the other hand, could just be as real as animals are to humans. At the same time, people don’t believe in them unless there is proof from either science or from people who have investigated hauntings to see if ghosts are real. Ghosts and other entities are real and not make believe.
Ghosts, are they real or are they just figments of peoples minds, well lets start off with ghosts, what are they? Really? Well, they are a “manifestation of the spirit or soul of a person or animal that can appear, invisible form or other manifestations to the living.” ("Ghost." wikipedia.) Ghosts have been known since the early times, all around the world by different names like in “British English they are known as spectre because they had no other word for ghosts at the time. There were other words that meant the same like phantom, apparition, spook and specter which is American English”. ("Ghost." wikipedia.)
Sometimes people who lose a loved one, wish see that person through a seance which is “a way to make contact with ghosts and it comes from the French word for ‘session’, ‘seat’, or ‘sitting’ which comes from the Old French word ‘seoir’ and sometimes even through ‘necromancy or spiritism’”("Ghost." wikipedia.) to make contact with ghosts.
Ghosts could be dated back, as far as the pre-literate cultures which is “animism or ancestor worship”("Ghost." wikipedia.). In some of those cultures, there are religious practices that the culture must do in order for their loved one to move on like for instance during a funeral if the spirit doesn't wish to leave there are some “funeral rites and exorcisms that can help p...

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...xperiences in 1998. ("The Science of Ghosts and Hauntings."unmuseum.)
There are some equipment used in seeing if ghosts are real or not like the digital thermometers which read if the temperature went lower than normal, EMF (electromagnetic field) meter is used to see if it could pick up sounds the human ear couldn’t, and night vision cameras which is used to take pictures of any sudden movement by the camera. ("Ghost Hunters." wikipedia.)
All in all, ghosts, whether they are real or not is up to the people and the scientists who use equipment that help prove ghosts are real or if its just a hoax. Ghosts are real in Ed and Lorraine true encounters with some strange ghost that wouldn’t leave the Perron family alone. Scientific proof is sometimes hard to come by but if people who are interested in ghosts look hard enough they are sure to find the proof they need.

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